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Why do People Think Green Modeling is a Good Idea

Posted by: Bhushan Avastthi | Posted on: July 16th, 2013

The concept of green modeling came up because there has always been an apprehension in the minds of people that a building could make people ill. While this has been a very old notion still there are ideas still flowing which throw a light on buildings indoor air causing illness. Green building can be used to curb this notion as it is pollution free and lets the residents save lots of medical costs, and increases productivity.

Why do People Think Green Modeling is a Good Idea

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Even new buildings can have the same hazards hence; it is very important to use natural resources as much as possible for materials because paints, carpets, adhesives, wallboard, and other construction materials emit chemicals. These chemicals can escape in the air circulation of the building. And if you have cold or cough then the situation is such that there are billions of bacteria which are air-borne. So imagine the condition of the doctor who is inside the medical office buildings.

So can we say that sustainable/ green modeling strategies can be cure of the existing or new buildings? The answer is yes. We are already seeing various building standards based on ASHRAE 62.1, require ventilation rates of about 20 cubic feet per minute per person to help remove the contamination from the building air and send them where they belong. Many people think green building is simply a way to cut energy costs, but that’s just one of the benefits. Green building techniques also create buildings that are healthier and more comfortable for their occupants.

Fortunately there is a cure for sick building syndrome. New green-building architects and engineers are finding it much better, cost-effective cures for sick building syndromes.

As much as you want to put the responsibility on your consultants, as a developer or builder you have to do your own assignment. My tip is stick to the basics and you should get more “green” for your green. Hence; people know that green modeling is a good idea for construction business.

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