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6 Exotically Novel Green Materials for your House

Posted by: Bhushan Avastthi | Posted on: December 3rd, 2013

Green building materials were considered to be very expensive and costly in past. But now things have changed for the better. Now we are seeing residents using eco-friendly materials for their houses and manufacturers are finding it difficult to accommodate the growing demands of these materials. From a recent statistics it has been predicted that the market for green building materials is going to grow by more than $ 80 billion in the next five years. There have been lot of new trends having around the globe at this time of the year; and one of them is the standout products showcased in Greenbuild and International Builders’ Show. Let us look at the most popular green materials which are quite new and have made their presence felt in these shows:

Coco Tiles:

Coco TilesGreen building also showcases different ways of reclaiming by-product. One perfect example of that is a coco tile. With the help of a little customization it is possible to get the best fit textured coconut shell tiles. Normally it has been observed that shells get left out after harvest and are discarded or burned which results in air pollution. But with the concept of green materials these shells are used to refurnish them into decorative tiles with intricate basket-weave. Each and every tile is finished with low-VOC resin. These tiles can be easily cut with a dry tile saw and installed with panel adhesive and nails. These coco tiles are approximately about $ 25- $45 per square foot.

Leather Tiles:

Leather TilesLeather tiles are made from scraps of furniture, shoe, and car seats. After these real leather scraps are collected; they are stone-grinded which helps in making sheets for richly hued tiles and panels. These floor tiles can then be taken care by using a damp mop to clean them; wax them 3 times a year or use a topical sealer once every 5 to 10 years. You can get different colors, textures, and size and shape varieties. These tiles are available from 6 inches to 24 inches square. You can get these leather tiles approximately in the range of $ 15- $ 30 per square foot.

Strand woven Bamboo Flooring:

Strand woven Bamboo FlooringStrand woven bamboo flooring is made from fibrous, interwoven strips of renewable bamboo. The panels of bamboo flooring make an end-material that is two and half times as hard and more durable than oak. There are variety of shades available and these panels measure 72 inches long and 3 ? inches wide. You can get these strand woven bamboo flooring at approximately $ 4 – $ 8 per square foot.


Bio-glassBio-glass is cent percent recycled glass that has been heated and compressed to create solid-surfacing slabs. It is free from binders, colorants, fillers, or other admixtures. Bio-glass is made up satin finish with a slightly hammered texture. There are different colors that can be integrated in the bio-glass with variety of shades of green, blue, white and brown. The slabs of bio-glass measure 110 inches long by 50 inches wide by ¾ inch thick. You can get bio-glass for approximately $ 80 per square foot.

Bronze Art Tiles:

Bronze Art TilesBronze art tiles are made up of recyclable products including recycled cooper and other materials. They can be installed using thinset, industrial adhesive, or epoxy adhesive. There are varieties of bronze art tiles that are available ranging in size from 1-inch squares to 8-inch squares. These tiles can be purchased approximately between $ 20 to $ 230 depending on size and design.


ShowercorkShowercork is made up of recycled wine cork slices which make it an apt choice for wet environments. These showercorks are assembled on paper backing for quick and easy adhesion to subfloor. Showercork is then sealed with water-based polyurethane finish which helps in keeping the moisture out and helps in providing resilience and underfoot cushion of uncoated cork. These sheets can be measured in the range of 12 inches to 24 inches. Showercork can be availed approximately at $ 10 per square foot.

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