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Interesting Facts about Green Building that will Impress Your Friends

Posted by: Bhushan Avastthi | Posted on: July 12th, 2013

We all know that green buildings are good for the environment and good for business as far as architects are concerned. The following words have been discussed several times in our articles: green, sustainable, environmental friendly, eco-friendly. When it comes to constructing an altogether new house or renovating an old house all these words makes sense. By making smart choices in building and recommending the products useful for construction; you are significantly contributing towards the health, wealth and well-being of yourself, the families for whom you build your community and the world.

Interesting Facts about Green Building that will impress Your Friends

Let us now look at some of the interesting facts pertaining to Green Building:

  • Fact Number 1: We spend an average of about 85-90% of our time in buildings-and the air quality inside is two to five times worse than outside air.
  • Fact Number 2: Buildings in the United States of America are responsible for 39% of our total energy consumption – 60% of electricity alone. As a point of reference, transportation – comprising of cars, buses, trains etc. comprise of only 27%.
  • Fact Number 3: Worldwide, buildings consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy, 25% of its wood, and 15% of its water. Source: Pittsburgh Green Building Alliance

We have already discussed about the facts. Now let us concentrate on the much heated topic of green building. Green building is all about thinking innovatively to build, remodel, renovate, and develop residences and communities. It requires a thoughtful consideration of the relationships between building site, building design, mechanical systems and other factors. Green building is not only about saving energy or improving indoor air quality and goes beyond that.

Let us now look at the benefits that green building provides for various stakeholders:

Benefits for Builders:

  • Compact callbacks and warranty claims
  • Less material and labor costs during construction
  • Reduced purchase cost of mechanical equipment
  • A lesser amount of construction waste
  • Advanced quality homes = economical advantage

Benefits for Homeowners: Benefits for Builders:

  • Lesser utility bills
  • Superior comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy-efficient secured loan
  • Higher resale charges

Benefits for the nation: Benefits for Builders:

  • Less dependence on fossil fuels
  • Less greenhouse gas discharges
  • More reasonably priced homes for first-time homebuyers
  • Lesser medical costs thanks to improved, harmless living conditions
  • Job creation in the energy-efficient building materials & equipment industry

Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Building America Program

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Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan Avsatthi is a senior manager, consultant, BIM expert and a green building advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience. Bhushan imbibes the prophecy of efficient and prudent use of energy in his day to day life and advices his team to do so as well. He is also involved in green initiatives like nonprofit tree plantation project and promotes using cycles for commuting small distances. Bhushan, handles a team of architects, Structural and MEP engineers, LEED consultants and Energy modeling experts.