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Four Prominent Ways of Getting a Green Building

Posted by: Bhushan Avastthi | Posted on: September 12th, 2013

Building designers have to consider various factors before designing green building. Some of these factors include: quality of spaces, climate change, and sustainability of the building. There are different ways of getting a green building. Let us look at some of these ways in detail:

Four Prominent Ways of Getting a Green Building

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  • Bigger is Not Better:

    Size of the building is never taken into consideration while going for green building certification. But the simple logic is that as designers the architects fight for every bit of energy that they can save from the building and reduce the capital costs. Although there is no penalty for building large buildings there has got to be logic behind opting for smaller buildings. The simple reason is it is not very difficult to build smaller buildings. There should be proper ventilation facility in the building along with reduction in ceiling heights which can reduce energy loads. Always remember that each and every space counts so utilize it effectively wherever possible.

  • Selecting the Right Site:

    It is very important to select the right site for green building purpose. Major reason for that being there are various existing buildings which are not conducive for green building purpose as they are not properly connected to existing transportation and utilities infrastructure. There are lots of things that need to be figured out before deciding the site for green building. These include: proximity to good transit, existing utilities, micro-climate characteristics such as solar orientation and access, and connections to local amenities and services for their staff. Selecting the right site for green building design goes a long way in getting sustainable building design.

  • Recruit an Energy Modeler Early:

    There is lot of demand for energy modelers especially in cases where there is need for specific reduction of energy. An energy modeler can determine the mass of the building and orient it in a site. They can also determine the optimum area and type of windows, correct amounts of insulation, the best zoning strategy, and more. It is also useful to take the help of energy modeler as it can save about 10% of capital cost.

  • Energy is Not the Only Thing that We Care About:

    Energy efficiency has been at the backdrop of our minds and with growing popularity of green buildings there has been a demand for reduced energy usage. But designers also have to look at different aspects other than energy which includes the health of the residents, their well-being, and comfort of building occupants. It is also very important for the designers to consider the balance of energy efficiency with superior air quality, superior lighting quality and also consider occupant control of their internal environment. If any new or innovative system needs to be put occupants should be considered in the decision making process.

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Bhushan Avsatthi

Bhushan Avsatthi is a senior manager, consultant, BIM expert and a green building advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience. Bhushan imbibes the prophecy of efficient and prudent use of energy in his day to day life and advices his team to do so as well. He is also involved in green initiatives like nonprofit tree plantation project and promotes using cycles for commuting small distances. Bhushan, handles a team of architects, Structural and MEP engineers, LEED consultants and Energy modeling experts.