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Energy Modeling

4 Challenges Faced by Energy Modeling Industry!

With the energy resources depleting at great speed; the concept of green and lean building has gain acceleration. Whole Building energy stimulation is the latest area of expertise that is fascinating architects and engineers alike. It is primarily seen as a breakthrough development helping the architects and engineers to make a building that consumes minimum […]

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Energy Modeling: Towards Energy Efficient Buildings

There is a heightened public awareness and an increased focus on the efficient use of energy globally. Consequently, Green building design remains in the spotlight.

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Why Simpler Homes Can Choose To Avoid the Expense of Building Energy Modeling?

Have you ever questioned the wisdom of building energy modeling new homes? Most of the houses we live in today are super-efficient homes, where the heating usage is usually dominated by hard-to-model factors, which includes internal gains such as light bulbs and plug loads.

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How to Achieve Efficient Energy Conservation in the Home

Energy conservation in home is an intricate issue as the whole process related to energy conservation leads to restricted use of energy, reduces expenses in account of energy. However energy efficiency is not synonymous to using lesser amount of energy or to compromise with energy uses.

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A Guide to LEED Energy Modeling For Architects

For nearly half or more than half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, buildings are responsible. Hence, a new guidebook to LEED energy modeling is targeting at helping architects optimize the energy efficiency of their designs.

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Benefits of Energy Conservation in Our Lives

Energy conservation has become a hot topic of discussion nowadays. We all are aware that the temperature of the earth is rising year over year, owing to the fact that carbon dioxide and heat is emitted into the atmosphere.

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