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Archive - July 2013

Why do People Think Green Modeling is a Good Idea

The concept of green modeling came up because there has always been an apprehension in the minds of people that a building could make people ill. While this has been a very old notion still there are ideas still flowing which throw a light on buildings indoor air causing illness.

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Interesting Facts about Green Building that will Impress Your Friends

We all know that green buildings are good for the environment and good for business as far as architects are concerned. The following words have been discussed several times in our articles: green, sustainable, environmental friendly, eco-friendly

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Different Green Building Practices that give a new Dimension to Environmental Friendly Construction

Green building has been received with open hands by general public. There are so many environmental friendly campaigns running around with the fundamentals of renewable sources of energy being on top.

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Development of Formulations and Methodologies through Location Analysis

Location analysis problems are data intense and very complex. Data intensity is created as the analysis calls for detailed demand and transportation information. The complexities are created owing to the number of locations been multiplied by the alternative location sites and they in turn been multiplied by the stocking strategies for each location.

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