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4 Challenges Faced by Energy Modeling Industry!

With the energy resources depleting at great speed; the concept of green and lean building has gain acceleration. Whole Building energy stimulation is the latest area of expertise that is fascinating architects and engineers alike. It is primarily seen as a breakthrough development helping the architects and engineers to make a building that consumes minimum […]

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Energy Modeling Inputs & Engineering Assumptions for Energy Efficiency Analysis & Building Design

An energy model is used to simulate the energy operation in both new built and retrofit buildings. In both these cases, there might be situation where the energy modeler has to counter unknown or missing information.

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Green Building Design – Fire Safety & Challenges for Fire Services…!!!

Experts suggest that green building designs do not take into consideration enhanced fire and life safety perils. Instead of that owners and residents of green buildings need to be conscious of the fact that green building designs may create earlier hasty challenges,

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Energy Modeling: Towards Energy Efficient Buildings

There is a heightened public awareness and an increased focus on the efficient use of energy globally. Consequently, Green building design remains in the spotlight.

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6 Exotically Novel Green Materials for your House

Green building materials were considered to be very expensive and costly in past. But now things have changed for the better. Now we are seeing residents using eco-friendly materials for their houses and manufacturers are finding it difficult to accommodate the growing demands of these materials.

Read More   |   Posted on: December 3rd, 2013

Reflective Changes in ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Proposed in USGBC Conference Held in Philadelphia

The legacy of green building continued this year while USGBC U.S Green Building Council’s Green build International conference and Expo – celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a conference reflecting on the concept of green building.

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Importance of Taking the Services of Green Architects

With the emergence of green building; there has been an increasing importance of green architects. This has become imperative because even the government supports the green initiative.

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