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Building Energy Modeling Services

Green Modeling extends superior green building energy modeling services and LEED consulting services to global companies. We strive to model energy efficient building design & sustainable architecture for LEED energy modeling & effective energy management. Our energy modelers apply their expertise to analyze building energy use & model to optimize for sustainability of green building in adherence with building standards of LEED certification process. Our sustainable building energy modeling techniques help you optimize:

eQUEST Building Energy Modeling
  • Building air-conditioning / HVAC Plant / cooling loads
  • Building exterior heat reduction techniques - dynamic thermal and bulk airflow
  • Ventilation design, analysis, simulation, modeling and solar shading
  • Occupant indoor comfort level and carbon usage depletion
  • Building daylight analysis, simulation, modeling, and artificial lighting
  • Incidental day light & visual comfort in living area and work environment
  • Building LEED Certification Rating levels e.g. Silver, Gold or Platinum
  • Indoor visual discomfort impacts on the living area or work environment
  • Passive system design techniques such as exposed thermal mass and radiant floors
  • Adherence to Energy Policy Act (2005) & LEED Energy Credits increase
  • Adherence to ASHRAE Standards

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